Romania 1980. It is the run-up to the Moscow Olympics. 14 year old Romanian gymnast Ana, trains hard with her trusted coach, Teodor. They want nothing more than a taste of success at the impending Olympics. But in the highly competitive world of gymnastics, the 'Olympic spirit' is soon overwhelmed by the State's desire to win.

The film is inspired by abortion-doping allegations that have come to light in recent years from a former President of the Olympic Committee. Gymnasts, some as young as fourteen, were believed to have been impregnated by their coaches and then forced to undergo traumatic abortions after a 3 month term. The pregnancy and subsequent abortion would lead to a natural boost of red blood cells and hormones giving the gymnast an undetected increase in strength.

While this is a fictional film based on allegations, at its core is a story of a relationship (that of Ana and Teodor) based on trust, which breaks down under severe pressure and leads to betrayal. Cold Warrior follows Ana through her training to the Olympic stage where, with the world watching, she finally shows her life-long coach, and her country, just how strong she truly is.

Friday, 18 March 2011


A huge, huge thank you goes to James Langley for his donation to our project.  We are now over the $1,000!!! 

James, we'll see you at the cast and crew screening.


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